How to group radio button in Dialog Screen?

When we are working with radiobuttons using selection parameters, we usually use the keyword GROUP so they will be grouped accordingly like this code below.


But how about when we work radiobuttons in dialog screens? How do we group them? Is it the same? Definitely No.

In this tutorial, I will discuss how to implement grouping of radiobuttons when working with Dialog Screens.

1. Go to your screen where the radiobuttons are situated. As you can see below, I have two radiobuttons below.

If I run immediately this program without grouping the radiobuttons, it will look like this one. Both radiobuttons are selected.

2. In order to fulfill our requirement, go back to our screen where these radiobuttons are located. You need to select both radiobuttons. In order to do, pressed CTRL key while clicking each buttons. In that way, you will notice that there will be a solid line that enclosed both radiobuttons (see below).

3. After selecting both radiobuttons,on the main menu go to Edit->Grouping->Radio Button Group ->Define.

After defining the grouping, the solid line that enclosed both radiobuttons will turn into broken lines like this one below.

4. And there you are. You are done. Activate and run your program. You will see now that only one radiobutton is selected.

Thanks again for reading this simple tutorial. Hope it helps. :)

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