How to delete Implicit Enhancement Implementation?

Yesterday, I am testing the implicit implementation that I did few weeks back. After all of a sudden, I noticed that the name of the implementation I created is not the one specified in the functional design. So if my functional counterpart will test it and find the name is not the one specified in the functional design, I might be in trouble then. 

I paused for a moment and think what to do. After a couple of minutes, I decided to delete my existing implementation and create a new one which name will be in accordance to the name specified in the functional document. But my problem is, how to delete this existing implicit implementation and replaced its name? If you see below, the name of the implementation is that in RED line just after the keyword ENHANCEMENT 318.

Now, I go back to the application menu to look for some links on how to delete this implementation and create a new one. But as you can see from this EDIT menu, you cant see any delete option for the existing implementation. What you see is CREATE, UNDO, REPLACE and CHANGE. All of these options are related to the ABAP codes and NOT on the name of the implementation.

After searching the net I find the solution. In order to solve this problem, you should go to transaction code SE80. Select package and enter the name of your package. From the list of object name is enhancement implementations. Scroll down and you will see the list of all enhancements under the same package. From the list, choose the name of your implementations.  Right click it using your mouse and from the context menu, select DELETE. Take note, it must be ACTIVE and it is NOT currently open.

This is a simplest way to delete implicit implementations. If you want to read also my blog on how to create a new implementations, please click it here.

Again, enjoy and keep on visiting my blogs. Until next post again... :)

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