How to activate &SAP_EDIT in SE16N?

SE16N is a powerful transaction code in SAP. What makes it powerful is the use of this command &SAP_EDIT which can modify table records, add entries to tables  and the worst, it can delete table records without further notice. 

In some ways, this feature is beneficial also as there's no need to create Views to maintain a particular table. However, sometimes it is also crucial to use this feature as data can be modified or deleted without caution. Once this happens, it may bring down the whole system. That's why SAP security team then created an OSS notes (1446530 and 1525586) that disabled this features. 

So when you try to type the command &SAP_EDIT into your command bar, it will no longer activate the editing feature. But if you still want to activate it (cause you have a hard head... just kidding), here's the procedure to enable this feature. As I said, please do this with PRE-CAUTIONS.

1) Go to tcode SE16N and type the table name you want to modify. In this example, I used the table BSID. It can be seen that the checkbox "Maintain entries" is still uncheck.

2) Now, instead of typing &SAP_EDIT in the command window, type /H to activate the debugger. Then press the enter key.

3) While in debug mode, type the name of the following  global variables GD-EDIT. Click the pencil button to change the value of it. 

As seen below, enter "X" as the value of the global variable. Then click the eyeglass button.

4) Finally, press F8 key to exit from debugging mode. Now you will see that the option "maintain entries" is now check. This means, you can now edit that table. :)

NOTE: this tutorial needs precautions. This is only for tutorial purposes. Do not do this into your QA or PROD System as it may incur damaged.

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