How to transport a variant set in ALV?

In this tutorial, I will discuss how to attach the ALV Variant to a transport request no. So basically, I will not discuss here how to create a report which will be displayed via an ALV grid. I presumed, you have now created your own report using an ALV grid.

1. Run your report and it should display the ALV grid with its standard toolbar.The first thing to do is to create a variant by clicking this button "Save layout" button or press CTRL + F10. Take note, the variant to be created here will show the arrangement of the columns of your ALV grid. So before creating a variant, arrange first your columns with your preference then create your variant.

2. In this screen, fill up the name of your variant. Dont remove the symbol "/". Just add the name of your variant after that symbol (see below sample). Then type a description of your variant. Then click the ok button.

3. Next, go to Settings-->Layout-->Layout Management.

4. The name of your variant will be displayed in here just like below.

5. Finally, on the main menu, click on Layout-->Transport. This will call now the transport request window were you can now add your variant to your transport no.

Enjoy. Keep on reading. :)

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