How to change a $TMP package into a Z* or Y* package?

Sometime when we develop an ABAP program, we save it as LOCAL ($TMP) object specially if we dont want to transport to other system such program or maybe, the Transport No. is not yet created by the Basis people.

So in this tutorial, I will show to you how to change from local object ($TMP) to a Z* or Y* package and add its transport no.


1. Open your program in SE38. Click Goto-->Object Directory Entry.

2. This screen below appears. Click on the pencil button to change.

 Once clicked, the package parameter is now modifiable. Type here your Z* or Y* package and hit the save button.

After you hit the Save button, the screen for adding TR number appears. There you can now add the transport no as specified by you.

Thanks for reading again. Enjoy

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